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Welcome to blueFug Enterprises.

Part technology. Part music. Part beer. At blueFug, we are not daunted by heavy business concepts, or unfamiliar with fun flyaway ideas. We believe that killer research informs creative art, and creativity is what evolves technology.

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Releases on blueFug Music:

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New Book:  Service Virtualization: Reality is Overrated, by John Michelsen and Jason English. 2012, CA Press. Preorder on

Enterprise Software: ITKO acquired by CA Technologies - Becomes CA Service Virtualization CSU


Business from Jason on: The Community for Virtual Software Development Environments

The ITKO Blog: Virtual, Cloud and Agile Development Insights and Interviews

Jason on Twitter @bluefug Thoughts on Anything

blueFug bands:

it's Native: Minor, middle-eastern no-wave and rock

YAM: Casual progressive tense rock trio.

Squelch's: The band is dead but the absurdity lives on.

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