blueFug Announces Design of EML3 Framework and Platform

New Open-source Language and Toolkit to Revolutionize Computer to Computer (c2c) and Person to Person (p2p) Communication

Seattle, WA, USA. – 11:59 AM PDT, April 1, 2017 – Jason English, the world’s leading provider of technology communications services, today announces the availability of a revolutionary new computing paradigm and communication protocol known simply as EML3.

“Enterprises have long struggled with finding a way to communicate critical business data in terms that anyone can understand,” said Jason English, blueFug’s CXO, and the Father of EML. “With EML we can encapsulate virtually any form of business data in an open form that is scalable, extensible, sharable and object-oriented and more. Best of all, both developers and non-technical employees can easily learn this new language.”

The new scripting language, English Markup Language III (or EML 3.0), named after its proud father, provides an incredibly simple syntax for communicating any form of data collection through both EMP and SOC formats. Virtually any Business Process or Test Process can be described in EML, and be recognized by both computers and the naked eye. EML is the first “Pure 1:1 Metadata” language, in which each EML tag is 100% analogous to its inherent real-world meaning.

The new EML Toolkit will include:

  • EML Code Library: A virtual “dictionary” collection of 150,000+ valid EML word tags with meta-descriptions.
  • EML Processor: A fully standardized IDE that provides an ideal environment for writing and editing EML programs in a “page layout” type format
  • EML Syntax Checker:  An automated plug-in that works with most leading EML processors to underline in green or red, thereby detecting syntactic or structural errors in EML code.
  • EML Parser AI:  Machine-learning macro daemon for analyzing non-EML data, replacing spaces and punctuation with EML brackets and translating it into proper EML script language.

“We are already rolling out our first advertising campaign for EML this month in the North America, Australia and India markets, where there are already mature EML user communities,” said English. “Our initial go-to-market message will be “[EML] [You’re] [Already] [Using] [It][.]” To facilitate the widespread adoption of EML, a bevy of technology and SI service provider partners have been signed up for the EML Council, and they will get together in a committee sometime in early 2018 to discuss whether EML is a toolkit, a platform or a framework, or all three.

“We all used to make fun of Jason because he looks funny, but now we realize his EML innovation is a critical strategic lynchpin of our Enterprise Platform initiative,” said the Chief Scientist. “More than 90% of the time spent in the average business is expended on inefficient verbal or written communications that could be expressed in EML script instead with much more efficiency [I][think].” 

While the EML3 scripting language is open-source, the EML tag library already contains approximately 150,000 patented innovations or “EMLwordtags” that will remain part of blueFug’s proprietary codebase. The company will continue to roll out their integrated EML Platform across all business and public organizations, supporting development and testing efforts for more than 2000000000 multi-national users both within the company, and among global technology partner teams.

Said French Renaissance author François Rabelais in response: "Most things can be paid for with words."

About blueFug Technology Marketing 

blueFug helps enterprise technology customers reshape their message delivery lifecycles. Our EML3 framework optimizes complex and Cloud-based application explanations throughout the world, eliminating costly constraints and misunderstandings, while improving agility in an environment of constant change. For more information, visit or read our blog at or see our twitter at @bluefug. Just don’t call.

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Photo Credit: Trey Jones, wikimedia Commons