Marketers: Take the Ultimate Survey of All Surveys Ever

In digital marketing, the good old market survey (or, MkSurvey™) remains one of the staples of our business. While surveys can become very useful research assets that add value for you and your customers, they can also be unproductive or a minor nuisance when overdone or improperly conducted. A survey on surveys? Let's do this.

Take the quick 10-question survey yourself, and invite your marketing colleagues (or any peer involved in surveys like these) to join our study group.

Take the survey survey now.

As it turns out, I know a lot of technology marketers. And I hope you share the survey with your friends to make the results even better. By the end of the month, let's get enough response to have a useful study on surveys that answers the question:

Are surveys useful tools for technology marketing, or have they seen better days?

“When in doubt, run a survey.” - Fake Ben Franklin

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